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Why you should have photos with your baby / Suffolk newborn and baby photographer.

A lot of my clients are less than enthusiastic about being in front of the camera, answering the question of "so would you like some family photos?" with answers like "Oh, maybe just one or two" or "I'm not sure, what do I have to do?" and I totally get it - it's nerve wracking being in front of the camera! Plus, you don't know quite how you'll feel about yourself post-partum. I encourage every single mummy and daddy to be in some photos with their babies! I will always give gentle direction on where to look and what to do, I'll move any out of place hair and please don't worry about those more complicated looking poses - I will get you in exactly the right position, so then all you have to do is snuggle and enjoy your gorgeous baby.

I can bet that in the months and years to come, it's the photos of you with your baby that you'll enjoy the most.

Why? Because they allow you to truly see how tiny they once were, how they fit in your hands and - more importantly - how it felt to hold them like that. We may not be able to bottle that heavenly new baby smell, but a portrait of you kissing that tiny head gets pretty close to bringing you back to it.

Finally, which photos do you think your children are going to value most? In 10 years?

In 20 years? What about in 70 years?

Take photos with your babies, for your babies.

Grace x

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