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Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a Newborn Session?

Such as feed at a certain time or keep baby awake beforehand?

I do not ask parents to do anything in particular before their Session in the hopes that it will help baby sleep more, for two reasons:

Firstly, I know that gettting ready and out of the house with a new baby is stressful enough, without having to factor in special feeding schedules or trying to prevent baby sleeping.

Secondly, my Newborn Sessions are designed to work around your baby - I set up an environment which will help your baby settle peacefully and we have plenty of time for feeds, nappy changes and cuddles. It is very rare that I cannot settle a newborn and capture those beautiful sleepy photos, so please don't be concerned that your baby will not settle!

What should we wear?

I recommend that clothing be as plain and simple as possible, without busy patterns, bright colours or logos.


For Newborn Sessions, I have everything we need for your baby, but it can be helpful to have them in an easy-to-remove outfit when you arrive.

For Baby Sessions, well fitting (a little too small is better than a little too big) simple clothing that your baby is comfortable in works best. A simple vest in a muted tone, or even just a nappy, photograph really well.

When will our photos be ready?

I aim to have your gallery of final images ready for you one to two weeks after your Session.

Your gallery is sent via email, ready to download - so you don't need to leave the house and there's no sales pitch to sit through.

Can we purchase prints
and products?

Yes! I have searched long and hard for the very best professional quality prints, wall art and albums and each one is checked over by me before it makes its way to you.

Click here for my print and product prices

Can siblings join in with Sessions?

Absolutely! Family photos are included in all my Session types and sibling photos are some of my absolute favourite to capture.

Newborn Sessions can be a little long for young children, luckily there is a playpark and large green just outside so, once family photos are done, you have the option for siblings to nip out with a parent or grandparent.

How long have you been doing photography?

There are two answers to this one!

I started Little Works of Art Photography in November 2015, just after my eldest child's first birthday. I have always loved both babies and photography and thought it was time to fulfill the dream of working with both. Having my daughter had also made me realise how precious the memories from her babyhood were and how lovely it is to capture this time for other families.

I have absolutely loved photography since I was 14, however, so strictly speaking, I've been a photographer for over half my life!

How do I know when to book in a Newborn Session?

If you contact me while you're still pregnant, I will offer you a provisional date somewhere around ten days after your due date. I do tend to find this date goes ahead far more often than not, but of course babies don't care much for calendars so Session dates are flexible in the event of baby being born early, late or anything unexpected happening such as a particularly long hospital stay.


I always have unfilled dates dotted about especially for these circumstances and can also occassionally use them for last minute newborns who are already born, so it's always worth inquiring even if you think it may be too late to book a Session.

Is newborn photography safe?

Newborn photography posing can pose a risk if done incorrectly, which is why it is vital to find an experienced photographer who knows what they are doing.

The safety and comfort of your baby is my number one priority at my Sessions.

I do not do any poses which your baby cannot hold themselves in (such as "froggy pose") and I am constantly looking for signs that your baby is happy with what I am doing.

Occasionally, some babies will dislike being posed in a certain way and I will always go with their cues and try something different, if this is the case.

I have been trained to pose your baby safely, have many years of experience and have been called a "baby whisperer" more times than I can count!

Will our photos be shared online?

Not if you don't want them to be!

I will always check and double check before sharing photos on my social media and, if you're ok with it, I will post some preview images on Facebook and Instagram a few days after your Session.

If not, they will only be uploaded to your password protected gallery - for your eyes only.

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