Your Newborn Session

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!


Right now, you're probably dreaming of what that sweet little face will look like, and soon enough, you'll feel like you've known that beautiful face forever.


Then, before you realise it, your fresh little newborn will be grinning gummy smilles...sitting...crawling...walking...talking...and you'll be wishing, that for just a moment, you could go back and hold your new baby in your arms again.

My newborn portraits bring you as close to that experience as possible. My aim is to create stunning portraits that will stop you in your tracks each time you see them, and have you remembering the weight of your little one in your arms, how they could fit just so, their sweet newborn scent and each tiny feature - just as it was.

Newborn Sessions go best while baby is between 5-15 days and, as I take only a handful of newborn bookings per month, it is a good idea to book in once you have an estimated due date.

Once you've booked your Session, we can begin to discuss your styling and colour preferences.

Accessories, snacks and drinks are provided by me, so all you need to bring is a nappy bag and change of clothes (Just in case, for those family photos where baby is without a nappy!)

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